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Tough customer: North Medford's Tyren Wolfe shines despite rigorous load

EUGENE — The wear and tear showed on Tyren Wolfe. He knew it would.

The North Medford senior was entered in four running events in the Class 6A state track and field championships Saturday at Hayward Field, and he had just finished the most grueling stretch.

He won the 100 meters for the second year in a row, waited a sadistically short spell, then took on the 400, which taxes the body like no other race.

"It was tough, especially going from the 1 to the 4," he said. "That was super tough. I couldn't really enjoy the 1 because I knew I had the 4."

After the 400, in which he finished second and set a personal best — which he did in all three of his individual races — he retreated to a holding pen of sorts for athletes as they await the medals ceremony.

He was under a tent with about 30 others. At first, sitting hunched over on a cold metal bench. Then he got up to walk it off. Then he leaned against a fence, his head resting on his arms. Then back to the bench and a repeat of the routine, breaking it only for a quick drink from a fountain or as he was engaged in chatter.

It usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to recover from the 400, he said. When his next and final race, the 200, finally rolled around, it would be a vacation.

"Yes, it will be," said Wolfe. "I'm not stressing about that. Anything less than the 4 is easy, really."

Despite the rigorous schedule, when it came time to hit the track, Wolfe made each race look easy and was the reason the Black Tornado placed seventh with 34 points. He was responsible for 29 1/2 of them.

Among other local teams, Grants Pass' girls were fifth with 40 points, and the Caveman boys were one spot behind North Medford with 26 points.

Wolfe began the day on the 4x100 relay, running the final leg to help the Black Tornado nab third place. He and teammates Brian Schireman, Javel Stewart and Cody Mathews had a time of 42.52.

Next came the 100, more than an hour later.

Wolfe ripped off a time of 10.55 seconds, bettering his previous PR of 10.56. Second-place Harrison Schrage of Grant clocked 10.72, as did third-place Dimitri Williams of Sheldon.

"I felt good," said Wolfe. "I had a great start."

But only 24 minutes later, he was in the blocks for the 400.

Braden Lenzy of Tigard won in 48.38 seconds, while Wolfe went 48.79. His previous best was 48.84.

"Once I finished the 4, I was happy," said Wolfe. "Obviously, I wanted to get first, but I'm all right with second."

It helped that he was energized by the crowd.

"This is the biggest crowd I've ever seen," said Wolfe. "Even in basketball, I've been in the 6A state championship, and it wasn't this big."

It was nearly an hour and a half — an eternity — until the capper to his prep career, the 200.

As with the 100, victory wasn't in doubt as he zipped around the corner for a time of 21.36 seconds, lowering his PR from 21.47. Schrage was second in 21.73.

Wolfe now turns his attention to college. He signed a letter of intent with NCAA Division I Northern Arizona this week. He had considered Oregon, but liked the idea of a smaller school.

"I wanted to go somewhere where I'm not the best, but one of the best," he said. "I wanted to go somewhere where I wouldn't be overlooked by all those guys in the low 10s (for the 100). I know I can get there."

He said he's liable to get more personal training at a school like Northern Arizona and has a better chance to develop.

While Wolfe had a field day, South Medford's Josh Washington and Sara Miles were the only other individual local placers in 6A.

Washington looked strong in clearing 6-foot-4 in the boys high jump, but he stalled on three attempts at 6-5 and tied for fourth place.

Miles pulled in a sixth-place finish in the girls shot put with a best of 37-11.

The North Medford girls 4x400 relay of MJ Hamilton, Jaci Brumble, Claire Ebert and Savannah Greenwade placed seventh in 4:02.38.

Class 6A


TEAM SCORES: Sheldon 81.5, Jesuit 70, Grant 42, Tigard 38, West Salem 37, Century 36, North Medford 34, Grants Pass 26, Wilson 24, Newberg 23.5, West Linn 23, Beaverton 20.5, Oregon City 18, Westview 18, Cleveland 16, Gresham 14, Forest Grove 14, Lincoln 10.5, Barlow 10, David Douglas 9, Lakeridge 8, Clackamas 8, Southridge 7, Thurston 7, Roseburg 7, Lake Oswego 7, Central Catholic 6, South Eugene 6, Sprague 6, South Medford 5.5, Glencoe 5, Centennial 5, Madison 4.5, Tualatin 4, McKay 4, McNary 3, Sunset 3, Aloha 1, McMinnville 1.

4x100 RELAY — 1, Westview (Richwill Duru, Evan Brehm, Dante Smith, Samori Toure'), 41.70; 3, North Medford (Brian Schireman, Javel Stewart, Cody Matthews, Tyren Wolfe), 42.52; 14, Grants Pass (Jaxon Clark, Mark Hubbard, Isaiah Camacho, Jaren Emptage), 43.67.

1,500 — 1, Roman Ollar, West Linn, 3:51.30.

100 — 1, Tyren Wolfe, North Medford, 10.55.

400 — 1, Braden Lenzy, Tigard, 48.38; 2, Tyren Wolfe, North Medford, 48.79.

110 HURDLES — 1, Julian Body, Jesuit, 14.10.

800 — 1, Jenner Higgins, Sheldon, 1:54.48.

200 — 1, Tyren Wolfe, North Medford, 21.36.

300 HURDLES — 1, Julian Body, Jesuit, 36.73.

4x400 RELAY — 1, Sheldon (Damian Williams, Jenner Higgins, Dimitri Williams, Cade O'Connor), 3:19.16; 8, Grants Pass (Garrett Wallace, Nathan Burton, Ethan Moe, Alex Jarvis), 3:26.14; 14, North Medford (Logan Stone, Cory Reece, Cody Matthews, Javel Stewart), 3:28.48.

HIGH JUMP — 1, Beau Sheeran, Beaverton, 6-7; 4, Josh Washington, South Medford, 6-4; 12, Tayler Phillips, Grants Pass, 6-0.

TRIPLE JUMP — 1, Harrison Schrage, Grant, 49-1.25; 12, Brian Schireman, North Medford, 41-11.

JAVELIN — 1, Hap Frketich, Newberg, 198-9; 2, John Hanley, Grants Pass, 193-9.


TEAM SCORES: Jesuit 65, Sunset 49, Grant 47, Tigard 44, Grants Pass 40, Barlow 39, Gresham 31, West Salem 30, Sherwood 28, Tualatin 26, Lakeridge 24, Central Catholic 22, Lake Oswego 20, McMinnville 19, North Salem 17, Southridge 16, North Medford 13, St. Mary’s Academy 12, Newberg 10, Reynolds 10, McNary 8, Beaverton 8, Sheldon 8, Westview 8, Aloha 7, Roseburg 6, Lincoln 6, South Eugene 6, West Linn 5, David Douglas 5, Canby 4.5, Wilson 4, Thurston 4, McKay 4, South Medford 3, Forest Grove 3, West Albany 3, Centennial 2.5, Glencoe 2, Century 1, Willamette 1, Franklin 1.

4x100 RELAY — 1, Barlow (Macie Allen, Madison Serafini, Sara Turner, Renick Meyer), 47.34; 3, Grants Pass, 47.96;

1,500 — 1, Ella Donaghu, Grant, 4:26.16.

100 — 1, Fechi Nmereole, Gresham, 12.13; 2, Deshae Wise, Grants Pass, 12.19.

400 — 1, Lauren Paven, Tigard, 56.24.

100 HURDLES — 1, Deshae Wise, Grants Pass, 14.31.

800 — 1, Ella Donaghu, Grant, 2:11.51.

200 — 1, Rebekah Miller, North Salem, 24.85.

300 HURDLES — 1, Leah Russell, Gresham, 43.84; 4, Deshae Wise, Grants Pass, 45.36.

4x400 RELAY — 1, Grant (Zoe M. Shaw, Cassin Wright, Rennie Kendrick, Ella Donaghu), 3:54.96; 7, North Medford (MJ Hamilton, Jaci Brumble, Claire Ebert, Savannah Greenwade), 4:02.38.

TRIPLE JUMP — 1, Karina Moreland, Tualatin, 38-4.

SHOT PUT — 1, Maddie Rabing, Lakeridge, 46-5.75; 6, Sara Miles, South Medford, 37-11.

DISCUS — 1, Shelby Moran, Sherwood, 148-8.

HIGH JUMP — 1, Aubree Esterline, Grants Pass, 5-5; 7, Brooke Johnson, Grants Pass, 5-0.

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North Medford senior Tyren Wolfe crosses the finish line to win the Class 6A state 100-meter race on Saturday at Hayward Field in Eugene. PHOTOS BY ANDY ATKINSON
South Medford's Josh Washington clears 6 feet, 2 inches during the Class 6A state high jump at Hayward Field. He would reach 6-4, but stalled on three attempts at 6-5 to tie for fourth place.