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Local MWL squads land all-league honors

Midwestern League football champion Ashland tallied nine first-team selections, with senior receiver Nicky Weinberg claiming offensive player of the year honors and Charlie Hall garnering recognition as co-coach of the year, after recent voting by MWL coaches.

Eagle Point's Seth Womack shared the honor with Hall, whose squad went 6-1 in league.

The Eagles and Crater each landed five first-team awards, and Comets senior lineman JT Gill was chosen as defensive player of the year.

The Grizzlies' first-team selections on offense were senior guard Kyle Rodden, junior center Troy Boyd, senior tight end McKane Ellis, junior placekicker Chad Andrews and Weinberg.

Weinberg had 41 catches for 654 yards and nine touchdowns.

Eagle Point senior guard Leonard Hunter, senior tackle Wynn Nevin and senior running back Jaxson Jones were first-team honorees, along with Crater senior tackle Will Hutson, senior receiver Austin Kramer and senior running back Jace Godley.

Jones rushed for 952 yards and 16 touchdowns on 158 attempts, while Kramer had 569 receiving yards and nine TDs on 29 catches and Godley 1,136 yards and eight scores on the ground on 212 carries.

Ashland's first-team defensive players were senior lineman McKane Ellis, senior linebacker Isaac Hyatt, defensive back Weinberg and punter Andrews.

For the Eagles, senior lineman Taylor Lawler and senior linebacker Ruben Capetillo were first-teamers, along with the Comets' John Ale (senior lineman) and Gill.


Co-coaches of the year: Charlie Hall, Ashland, and Seth Womack, Eagle Point.

Offensive player of the year: Nicky Weinberg, Sr., Receiver, Ashland.


Center: Troy Boyd, Jr., Ashland.

Guard: Leonard Hunter, Sr., Eagle Point; Hayden Fausett, Sr., Churchill; Kyle Rodden, Sr., Ashland.

Tackle: Will Hutson, Sr., Crater; Wynn Nevin, Sr., Eagle Point.

Tight end: McKane Ellis, Sr., Ashland.

Receiver: Nicky Weinberg, Sr., Ashland; Tyson Haas, Jr., Thurston; Ethan Powell, Jr., Thurston; Austin Kramer, Sr., Crater.

Running back: Connor Morton, Sr., Thurston; Sam Jackson, Sr., Churchill; Jace Godley, Sr., Crater; Jaxson Jones, Sr., Eagle Point.

Quarterback: Reow Jackson, Jr., Marist.

Placekicker: Chad Andrews, Jr., Ashland.


Center: Nathanial Koester, Sr., Marist; Ben Elstone, Sr., Churchill.

Guard: Terrell Gill, Sr., Crater; Josh Spalding, So., Springfield.

Tackle: Zach Humphries, Sr., Thurston; Hank Mailander, Sr., North Eugene.

Tight end: Jax Arnold, Jr., Churchill.

Receiver: Lucas Wilson, Sr., Churchill; Alec Tucker, Jr., North Eugene; Lucas Schwin, Jr., Churchill.

Running back: Bennett Rodgers, Sr., Eagle Point; Isaac Hyatt, Sr., Ashland; Dalton McDaniel, Jr., Churchill.

Quarterback: Tucker Atteberry, Sr., Ashland.

Placekicker: Trevor Groves, Jr., Churchill; Jace Krier, Jr., Marist.


Center: Nakoa Kahaulielo, Sr., Crater; Tanner Klym, So., Springfield; Clayton Fraughton, Jr., Eagle Point; Zachary Willits, Jr., Thurston; Jacob Nation, Sr., North Eugene.

Guard: Taylor Lawler, Sr., Eagle Point; Eddie Hewitt, Jr., North Eugene; Patrick Antone, So., Thurston; Nick Sanderson, Sr., Ashland.

Tackle: Cade Wolford, Sr., Springfield; Kooper Edwards, Sr., Crater; Brian Gerke, Sr., Eagle Point; Jack Courtamanche, Jr., Marist; Drake Morey, Jr., Ashland; Mason Mentzer, Sr., Churchill.

Tight end: Joe McHugh, Sr., Eagle Point; Levi Kinkade, Sr., Springfield; Austin Robbins, Sr., Marist; Carson Werder, Jr., Thurston.

Receiver: Hakim Pries, Jr., Ashland; Oliver Warren, Sr., Ashland; Cade Weaver, Jr., Crater; Noah Page, So., Eagle Point; Kody Pruett, Jr., North Eugene; Nick Navarrete, Sr., Springfield; Jacoby Jackson, Sr., Eagle Point; Chase Cutsforth, So., Marist; Hunter Morgan, Sr., Eagle Point.

Running back: Mario Quintero, Sr., Eagle Point; Malik Pippa, Sr., Ashland.

Quarterback: Nick Ah Sam, Sr., Springfield; Jacob Brothers, Sr., Churchill; Nate Page, Sr., Eagle Point; Luke Arbogast, Jr., North Eugene.


Defensive player of the year: JT Gill, Sr., Lineman, Crater.


Lineman: JT Gill, Sr., Crater; Taylor Lawler, Sr., Eagle Point; McKane Ellis, Sr., Ashland; John Ale, Sr., Crater.

Linebacker: Ruben Capetillo, Sr., Eagle Point; Nick Ah Sam, Sr., Springfield; Austin Robbins, Sr., Marist; Isaac Hyatt, Sr., Ashland; Cody Coker, Sr., Churchill.

Defensive back: Reow Jackson, Jr., Marist; Connor Morton, Sr., Thurston; Nicky Weinberg, Sr., Ashland; Josiah Taylor, Sr., Churchill.

Punter: Chad Andrews, Jr., Ashland.


Lineman: Daniel Jackson, Jr., Churchill; Levi Kinkade, Sr., Springfield; Josh Moore, Sr., Thurston; Drake Morey, Jr., Ashland.

Linebacker: Markus Bennett, Sr., Crater; Brian Gerke, Sr., Eagle Point; Zack Humphries, Sr., Thurston; Josh Saenz, Sr., Eagle Point.

Defensive back: Preston Johnson, Sr., Eagle Point; Marcus Lydon, Sr., Marist; Austin Kramer, Sr., Crater; Shay Hall, Sr., Crater.

Punter: Drew Lara, Sr., Marist.


Lineman: Ben Jones, Sr., Churchill; Leo Guiterrez, Sr., Crater; Danny Flores, Jr., Crater; Joe McHugh, Sr., Eagle Point; Tanner Lonning, Sr., Eagle Point; Tyler Kinney, Sr., North Eugene; Akili Alvarado, Jr., Thurston; David Mora, So., Marist; Aavonte Clark, Jr., Marist; Detlef Laughrey, Jr., Ashland.

Linebacker: Tanner West-Woods, Sr., North Eugene; Kyle Chapman, Sr., Thurston; Beau Burnett, So., Churchill; Myles Montgomery, So., Ashland; Zack Haldane, Sr., Ashland; Mario Quintero, Sr., Eagle Point.

Defensive back: Noah Page, So., Eagle Point; Tyson Haas, Jr., Thurston; Ethan Powell, Jr., Thurston; Matt O'Donnell, Sr., Ashland; Oliver Warren, Sr., Ashland; Kody Pruett, Jr., North Eugene; Jake Parson, Sr., Springfield; Bryson McKee, Sr., Churchill; Coldin Shopp, Sr., Eagle Point.

Punter: Kyle Stogsdill, Jr., North Eugene; Trever Davis, Fr., Crater; Nate Page, Sr., Eagle Point; Lucas Schwin, Jr., Churchill.

Special teams: Robert Ahlstrom, Sr., North Eugene.