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Season in Review

World Championship

Oct. 26

WICHITA, Kan. — Norm Duke became the first player in history to win three consecutive majors. He defeated reigning player of the year Chris Barnes, 259-189. Duke finished last season by winning the World Championship and the U.S. Open. Duke now has 30 total career titles, with six majors

Pepsi Viper Championship

Nov. 2

OMAHA, Neb. — It was a day of firsts as Brad Angelo and Stefanie Nation each captured their first career titles. Angelo, a seven-year veteran, downed No. 1 seed Chris Loschetter, 256-215, in the championship match. Angelo had appeared in 13 finals without winning. Nation beat Michelle Feldman, 225-200, in the Women's Series.

Lake County Indiana Championship

Nov. 9

HAMMOND, Ind. — Walter Ray Williams Jr. took home his 45th career title, knocking off Bill O'Neill, 246-202. Williams is the all-time winningest tour player and earnings leader. The win pushed his career total to $4,030,116.

Ultimate Scoring Championship

Nov. 16

TAYLOR, Mich. — Michael Wolfe managed to outlast a first-of-its-kind, weeklong shootout to be crowned the winner. He struck in the fourth through seventh frames of the championship match to defeat Mike Scroggins, 246-206, to win his fourth career title. The event spotlighted the scoring potential of the world's best bowlers on regular house pattern.

Chameleon Championship

Nov. 16

TAYLOR, Mich. — Michael Machuga and Michelle Feldman won men's and women's titles. No. 5 Machuga struck out in the 10th frame to narrowly defeat No. 1 seed Bill O'Neill, 209-204. Feldman handily defeated Jodi Woessner, 199-173. Feldman also made the title match in the Women's Series opening event, placing second.

Carmen Salvino Scorpion Championship

Nov. 30

VERNON HILLS, Ill. — Wes Malott and Michelle Feldman captured titles, Malott winning his first of the year and Feldman her second straight in the Women's Series. Top seed Malott watched triumphed when Ken Simard left a 10-pin on his second ball of the 10th frame, 216-211. Feldman defeated Missy Bellinder, 200-147.

Cheetah Championship

Dec. 7

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. — Two of the greatest to ever throw a bowling ball, Parker Bohn III and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard garnered titles. Bohn's 32nd career title came after defeating No. 3 seed Mike Scroggins, 242-198. Dorin-Ballard defeated No. 2 seed Stefanie Nation, 208-204.

Shark Championship

Dec. 14

BALTIMORE, Md. — Rhino Page and Jodi Woessner claimed titles. Top seed Page defeated No. 2 seed Wes Malott, 197-189, to claim his second career title. Malott opened in the second and third frames, and despite both competitors' struggles to strike, it left the door open for Page. His spare and strike in the 10th was good enough. e spare and a strike. No. 2 seed Jodi Woessner beat Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, 247-189.