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Super Powers

There was no shortage of championships in the quarterfinals of the men's super senior division of the Southern Oregon Golf Championships Friday.

As such, there was no shortage of war stories.

Greg Miller was one of the victors who advanced to the semifinals. He defeated Doug Olson, the medalist in qualifying, 1 up, and will next play Dan Dixon.

Dixon was a 1-up winner over George Mack, who has captured three of the four super-senior titles since the class category was created.

“The last time I played Dan Dixon,” said Miller, “he got up and down six times out of bunkers. I told him this time, if he's going anywhere near a bunker, I'm screaming at him.”

In other matches in the division, Bob Harrell, who has six senior crowns but, at age 78, is still searching for his first one in the super seniors, downed defending champion Bob Maentz, 3 and 2; and Terry Anderson knocked off Jon Woodson, 1 up.

Harrell and Anderson will meet in the other semifinal.

In the men's regular, a marquee pairing shaped up when Mike Barry and Ryan Hawkins each advanced Friday. Barry downed Brandon Crosier, 5 and 4, and Hawkins defeated Cody Stoffel, 2 and 1.

Barry is a three-time champion, looking to become only the third player to claim four men's titles. Hawkins has yet to win, but he's been in the finals two of the past three years. They meet at 10:20 this morning.

In the men's junior senior, Kevin Klabunde, who has won six titles overall, had a five-hole lead with five to play against John Justin but had to stave off a rally to win on the 18th.

In the men's senior, defending champion Mark Wilson cruised through with a 6-5 win over Tom Powley.

Senior women's medalist Linda Tungsvik advanced with a 4-and-2 victory over Barb Pinkham.

Miller's lone SOGC title came in the junior-senior division in 2001 — “Eons ago,” he said — and he's been medalist in both the men's regular and junior-senior.

At the outset against Olson, his title hopes seemed slim. Olson, who has claimed three men's crowns, birdied three of the first four holes, continuing the steady play that helped him shoot 73 in qualifying.

“It was very tough,” said Miller. “Doug tried to beat me up right from the get-go.”

Miller knew he was in for a battle when he birdied the sixth hole to get to 2 under on his round and still faced a one-hole deficit.

He added birdies at 12 and 16, the latter putting him one hole ahead, and when both players parred the last two holes, Miller had his triumph.

“Doug's playing very well,” said Miller. “He's still got it. He missed a couple short, 4-footers, and that cost him the match.”

Miller didn't start getting nervous, he said, until he was 1 up with two holes left. Olson's quite competitive he reasoned.

“You're a little nervous because you know something good is probably going to happen for him,” said Miller.

Something good happened for Harrell: He returned to the tournament.

Harrell missed it two years ago after having a pacemaker implanted within a month of the SOGC.

He sat out last year, too, but for a different reason.

“I was playing like a dog, and I said, 'I ain't gonna be cannon fodder,” he said.

He almost didn't enter this year, “But in a weak moment,” he laughed, “I put my money in.”

Apart from the qualifying round, when he three-putted four times, Harrell has been solid on the greens. He made six birdies in his opening match, then had one birdie and two bogeys against Maentz.

Both hit the ball about the same, said Harrell.

“I just out-putted him,” he said.

Each had a birdie through four holes to get all square, and they stayed that way through the 10th. Then Harrell won three straight, and that's how it stayed until the match ended on the 16th.

Harrell, who was runner-up to Mack three years ago, would like nothing better than to win his first championship since 2005.

“But that's a long way down the road,” he said.

Match play continues through Monday, when finals in call divisions and flights will be staged.


<![CDATA[Kevin Murphy d. David Mayer 5 & 4, Noah Brooks d. Matthew Bilyeu 5 & 4, Montana Frame d. Craig Smith 2 & 1, Alex Street d. Taylor Garbutt 3 & 2, Jimmy White III d. Joey Rossknecht 4 & 3, Bryce Wortman d. Alex Brown 20th, Ryan Hawkins d. Cody Stoffel 2 & 1, Mike Barry d. Brandon Crosier 5 & 4]]>


J.T. Compher d. Seth Walters 5 & 4, Taylor Klemp d. Mark Mason 3 & 2, Maurisio Rayas d. Mark Wilson 3 & 2, Alex Hobson d. Tom Avalon 1 up, Erik Pederson d. Jon Robinson 2 up, Ryan Schaefer d. David Murphy 1 up, Bret Breeze d. Dave Cuttrell 1 up, Trevor Telford d. Jay Klemp 5 & 4


Joel Jessel d. Duke DeBernardi 19th, Brent Barr d. Bobby Foote 2 & 1, Steve Taormino d. Ken Stringer 5 & 3, Robert Neff d. David Kaplan 2 up, Kevin Klabunde d. John Justin 1 up, David Culbertson d. Timothy O’Brian 3 & 2, Tom Pepple d. Dan Westbrook 2 & 1, Marty Morlan d. Richard Owens 1 up


Don Gorman d. Michael Riley 1 up, Mark Weiss d. Dave Card, Kelly Owens d. Craig Knips 1 up, Eric Austad d. Kevin Wu 1 up, Jeff Barry d. Mark Laurance 1 up, Paul Weinhold d. Todd Dixon 1 up, Jim Mansfield d. Keith Dierkes 4 & 3


Eddie Bostwick d. Billy Burke 1 up, Geoff Loomis d. C.J. Knips 1 up, Bret DeForest d. Dave Judd 6 & 4, John Quinones d. Rick McGabe 2 up, Joe Arnesen d. Robert Husel 3 & 2, Richard Warner d. Erick Doolen 20th, Mark Hash d. Steve Connell 3 & 2, Michael Bauer d. Chris Lindsey 5 & 3


Brent Orrico d. Scott Reed 2 & 1, Brad Pederson d. Eric Hanson 5 & 4, Kevin Jones d. Mike Dunley 5 & 3, Scott Entinger d. Phillip Heiner 7 & 5, Gordon Humphrey d. Daniel Davis 1 up, Mark Hardin d. Don Bucher 21st, Dennis Richards d. Les Cracraft 19th, Tim Hornecker d. John Hall 1 up


Jim Retzlaff d. James Figueroa 3 & 2, Joe Davis d. Lance Hunter 2 up, Greg Jacobs d. Daryn Clark 1 up, Tony Nieto d. Mike Snyder 1 up, Brian Sherrill d. Kevin Primerano 7 & 6, Don Shanklin d. Michael Diehl 3 & 2, Jason Miller d. John Walker 1 up, Jack Lewis d. Troy Alexander 2 & 1


Mark Wilson d. Tom Powley 6 & 5, Mike Finnell d. Doug Ward 2 & 1, Bob Cox d. Dane Smith 1 up, Marshall Holman d. Steven Wood 3 & 2, Jerry Eklund d. Billy Crenshaw 1 up, Brad Bills d. Steve Boldish 1 up, Glen Clark d. Kevin Croucher 1 up, Bryan Schlafke d. Jim Overmyer 2 up


Gene Allred d. Bill Wells 1 up, Ron Harvey d. Steve Lovich 1 up, Bill Warnick d. Dave Allen 1 up, Charlie Tissen d. Ken Van Daam 1 up, Kim Cushing d. Brian Adolph 2 & 1, Gary Loeb d. Vaughn Schneider 2 & 1, Bob Hyer d. Scott Mayfield 1 up, Bruce Buehler d. Gary Bates 7 & 6


David Orr d. Norm Veronneau 2 up, Paul Reynolds d. Kenny Weist 2 up, John Given d. Brian Odell 2 up, Terry Faulkner d. Doug Engle 2 up


Scott Ashpole d. Robert Tennent 1 up, Gary Sterton d. Edwin Brown 1 up, Jim Botsford d. Ron Lewis 1 up, Patrick Daggitt d. John Buda 2 up


Evan McArthur d. Gary Glass 4 & 3, Tim Trower d. John Lawton 1 up, Don Mitchell d. James Muhall 3 & 2, O.J. Endicott d. Scott Swendiman


Brian Schmitz d. Darrell Hunt 1 up, Dan Marshall d. Dan Fowler 3 & 1, William Milimuka d. Herb Malone 3 & 2, Bill Allen d. Ed Knight 20th, Mark Pagan d. Paul Crean 5 & 4, Ross Cooley d. Gibb Mitchell 1 up, Mel Friend d. Michael Cofner 5 & 4, Tom Wendt d. Terry Buntin 4 & 3


Ronald Moore d. James Allen 2 up, Alex Bellen d. Craig Schumacher 5 & 4, Michael Jones d. Frank Lucas 4 & 3, Mike Stewart d. James Parsley 3 & 2


Chris Carrigan d. Scott Lubich 1 up, John George d. Bob Glover 1 up, Kevin Aguirre d. Steve Switzer 1 up, Lee Frontier d. Dan Kosmatka


Bob Harrell d. Bob Maentz 3 & 2, Terry Anderson d. Jon Woodson 1 up, Gregory Miller d. Doug Olson 1 up, Dan Dixon d. George Mack 1 up


Michael Miller d. John Kruesi 1 up, Bill Drewien d. Ron Howard 1 up, Tom Hamlin d. Jim Garrison 2 & 1, Marvin Gribble d. Chuck Kenney 2 & 1


Ron Primasing d. Gary Klouda 19th, Bernie Fraser d. Arn Wihtol 1 up, Scott Weaver d. Jim Hatton 1 up, Roger Peck d. Tim Wray 4 & 3, James McCabe d. Fred Ferreira 1 up, Al Raduski d. Robert Adler 2 & 1, Dick Brekke d. Doug Wesson 2 & 1, Larry Garvin d. James Achenbach 2 & 1


Doug Heatherington d. Harvey Myers 1 up, Michael Goldman d. Dodd W. Samuel 5 & 3, David Mansfield d. Bob Crews 1 up, Jerry Rohrs d. Stephen Warrington 1 up


Jim Quincy d. Alan Vogel 3 & 2, Larry Schmaltz d. Ed Olson 2 up, Bruce McDonald d. Michael Armitage 2 & 1, Dick Entinger d. Tom Riley 2 & 1


Bob Doolen d. Warren Parke 3 & 2, Gary Jones d. Robert Methvin 1 up, Mike Jantzer d. Garth Harrington 1 up, Ron Dixon d. Ralph Perry 2 & 1


Conrad Caprez d. Pat O’Brian 3 & 2, Michael Trovato d. David Runyun 1 up, James Quinn d. Mark Fawver 6 & 4, John Root d. David Rasmussen 2 & 1


Linda Tungsvik d. Barb Pinkham 4 & 2, LaVone Kirkwood d. Janet Stark 1 up, Alice Hunt d. Donna Woodson 2 up, Eileen Whitten d. Gail Jones 1 up, Allison Myers d. Rosemary Harrington 1 up, Maureen McFaddin d. Cathy Dunlap 3 & 2, Judy Slater d. Paula Cracraft 1 up, Deb Stuart d. Jan Selby-Hughes 1 up


<![CDATA[Mary Botsford d. Gayle Reed 3 & 1, Teri Mayer d. Colleen Holbert 2 & 1, Debbie Anderson d. Coral Edwards 2 up, Sharon Swartsley d. Becky Barry 1 up, Deanna St. Martin d. Shelley Fisher 5 & 4, Kristine Jones d. Melinda Fowler 3 & 2, Sue Hunter d. Sonja Nisson 6 & 5, Julie Schamanek d. Jan Albrecht 3 & 2]]>

Reach sports editor Tim Trower at 541-776-4479, or email ttrower@mailtribune.com

Bob Harrell watches a drive during action at the Southern Oregon Golf Championships at Rogue Valley Country Club on Friday. PHOTO BY LARRY STAUTH
Dan Dixon, left, and George Mack watch a putt by Mack during action at the Southern Oregon Golf Championships on Friday. PHOTO BY LARRY STAUTH