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The first mile of the float

"Just go with the flow" is more than simple bumper-sticker logic along the upper Rogue River. It's one of several axioms rookie rafters will discover when they check out the Mail Tribune's latest Rogue River video.

The ongoing series of videos, which explains how to float and fish the Rogue River, continues today with a new segment on the basics of how to maneuver rafts or inflatable kayaks down the upper Rogue from Cole Rivers Hatchery to Shady Cove.

This week's segment focuses on the first mile of the float, where neophyte rafters learn how to move their boats.

It is the third video in the series, and includes an interactive map of rafting and fishing tips along the upper Rogue.

A frame grab from our latest video shows rafters heading down the upper Rogue River. - Jamie Lusch