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RoseBud Commentary: The CDC Fights Back

Through the pandemic, we've closely followed the arguments that as a nation, we should "believe the science." We also hold to the thought that we are a nation of laws. Those two beliefs can work in unison, but in the recent confusion about the federal mandate to wear masks on planes, trains, and other public transportation, emotion set in and bringing those two concepts together went seemingly out the window.

As Larry Mendte walks us through the events in this Commentary, if the C-D-C believes masks are still necessary, then it never pushed for the Justice Department to seek a stay on Monday's ruling that masks are no longer enforceable. Larry explains the facts as they've happened, then offers his opinion on the "why."

And the "why" is not rooted in science or law, but rather, politics. Let us know if you agree with Larry's assessment at lmendte@rosebudmedia.com. And thank you for watching.