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RoseBud Commentary: Oil and Gas

When President Biden blames others for rising gasoline and fuel prices, most Americans shrug, and in poll after poll, blame him instead. Nothing particularly partisan about that, the person in the Oval Office always gets the blame or the credit for the economy, even though rationally, no one person is responsible. But the White House has significant sway in how people feel, and on that score, President Biden doesn't lose just the obvious republican base who can never find anything right, he loses a significant number of people in his own party.

In this Commentary, Larry Mendte gets right to it, giving the context and events that have led to where we are, why the outlook through the summer is bleak, and his thought on what's needed to start reversing the rising prices. Watch and see if you agree or disagree, then write Larry and let him know at lmendte@rosebudmedia.com.