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Since You Asked: No wrist rockets in Medford

My son is bugging me to let him buy a "wrist rocket" slingshot, but I don't want to consent until I know if they are even legal in Medford. Are they?

— Susan H., Medford

Crossbows, blow guns and, yes, even slingshots are banned in Medford and Prescott Park under the city's Discharge of Weapons Code. That's Municipal Code 5.160.

The code bans the use, firing or discharging of a slingshot, crossbow, bow-and-arrow, blow gun or other weapon designed to shoot a projectile. That would potentially include spitball blowguns, though we can't find a court opinion on that. Flamethrowers are not mentioned, but let's not give your kid any ideas.

Medford police Lt. Tim Doney says officers usually deal with any problems by explaining the rules to kids and their families, but violators can be cited into Medford Municipal Court.

"I used to have a wrist rocket. We all did," Doney says. "While it's fun and it can be entertaining, it has to be something done outside the city limits where it's safe and there's not a lot of people around," Doney says.

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