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Since You Asked: Sheriff's Web site has the 'hiccups'

What's going on with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department's Web site? The inmate roster has been various versions of "service unavailable" for a week or two now.

Is it down permanently or will it be back in a new improved form?

— Jonathan S., Medford

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters has been feeling your pain for close to a month, Jonathan. The office has been trying to upgrade its entire computer system, which has affected the Web site, Winters said.

The upgrade was sparked when Medford police decided to overhaul their system. The sheriff's office had to follow suit so the two agencies could continue communicating, Winters said.

"Like all upgrades this one hasn't gone as smoothly as we hoped," Winters said. "There's been a few hiccups in the process."

The department is working with a company in California, which has not "been responding to us in a timely manner," Winters said.

Hopefully, the Web site will be back on track soon, the sheriff said.

"This is a system we inherited," Winters said. "We have to continue doing our best to make sure it works properly."

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