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Since You Asked: All the channels that are fit to print

My friends and I really like to watch Channel 187, that's the Hallmark Channel. We would really like to know why the MT paper doesn't list that channel in the TV guide of the paper.

— Floyd, V., Medford

Floyd, if we had the space in the print edition, we would list every channel. Problem is, there are too many channels to fit on the page and still make the listings readable without the use of an electron-scanning microscope.

With a digital cable box you do have access to the schedule via your cable or satellite company's interactive program guide. But that only has listings a day or so ahead.

The good news is that the Mail Tribune does provide access to that information — for every channel known to mankind and for a week or more into the future — it's just online, where space really isn't a consideration.

Head to www.mailtribune.com and click on Tempo in the left navigation menu. Under Best Bets, click on TV Listings in the prominent red menu on the right. Then enter your ZIP code, choose who provides your service and bingo, you're in business. If you register, you can create custom listings, tailored to your viewing habits.

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