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Since You Asked: I-5 work is in the works

Is it possible to get new lines painted on Interstate 5 between mile 35 and 36.5 north- and southbound? The bridge work will take awhile and at night it is very difficult to see where the lanes are.

— Marcia D., via e-mail

The viaduct was resurfaced a couple of years ago and then that huge stretch of I-5 down to Ashland got a coat of asphalt, but a big chunk was left unpaved between the two. I hope ODOT plans to make this part of the south interchange work.

— Lisa S., Medford

Since they brushed on the same stretch of roadway, we took your questions as a two-fer to Gary Leaming, Oregon Department of Transportation project information specialist.

Marcia, you're right, winter has taken a toll on those markings. Leaming said the issue just came up last week, so your question is timely. So timely, in fact, that the work was done before we could get your question into print.

"We understand it's an issue, particularly in a work zone where the lanes have been narrowed," Leaming said.

As for that old pavement that has yet to be buried in a smooth coat of gleaming black asphalt, that work is in the works. It has waited for good reason — why tear up perfectly good paving while a major interchange is built?

"(It) will receive a new overlay as one of the final pieces of interchange project," Leaming said. "That will be the icing on the cake, so to speak, because there is a significant amount of paving in the (south interchange) project."

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