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Since You Asked: Dig a hole and fill it back up; repeat

What is going on near the Rogue Valley Mall on McAndrews Road? The cement has hardly hardened and now they are jack-hammering it out!

— Larry S., Jacksonville

Subcontractors are still wrapping up lots of little details in the wake of the construction of a new, $7.9 million, 90-foot-wide McAndrews Road bridge. Although the bridge reopened to traffic last fall, city inspectors found a handful of minor issues in the area around the bridge, Medford Public Works Director Cory Crebbin said.

The city has issued a string of permits for subcontractors to work in the right of way to fix drainage issues, change an irrigation system and resurface some concrete. Any of that work could have resulted in the project you saw tearing up the sidewalks, Larry, but it was most likely the resurfacing project.

All these little things have to be exactly right before the city signs over the final payment check to Ross Brothers & Co., of Salem, he said.

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