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Since You Asked

Out in the Applegate there is a Bureau of Land Management trail called the Felton Memorial Trail, and if you walk it you come to a plaque in the woods commemorating three guys who died there "in the line of duty," but there is no other explanation nor could I find any online. Any idea who they were and what happened to them?

— Matt W., Talent

We could tell you we spent hours combing through dusty old newspapers trying to find you an answer, Matt, but we'd be lying.

We tried the easy way first and struck pay dirt. We typed "Felton" in the search function of our electronic library of stories and found several articles about a March 1993 helicopter crash that claimed the lives of Jeff Felton, a BLM tree-marking foreman, pilot Dale Sigel of Weed, Calif., and Karl Hansen of Fort Jones, Calif., a logger working for Croman Corp.

The three men were working a timber sale on Old Blue Mountain when their helicopter crashed in blustery weather. Friends and co-workers decided to build a trail to the crash site to remember Felton, who was just 31 when he died.

The trail connects to an existing trail that begins at the end of Slagle Creek Road, off North Applegate Road, a few miles west of Applegate.

Finding answers to news-related topics isn't always so easy. Mail Tribune stories have been preserved electronically only since 1992. For the 15 years before 1992, reporters — or our industrious librarian, Pam Sieg — have to pore through collections of stories that were painstakingly clipped from the newspaper and filed by subject in envelopes (really!). And before that, we have only microfilmed copies of the newspaper. They're not dusty, but the machine is tricky to load and finding factoids can be time-consuming and frustrating.

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