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Since You Asked

Was a search party ever sent out this summer for the boy who got lost last year at Crater Lake? We've heard nothing.

— Sharon W., Talent

Searchers returned to the park this summer when the snow melted to continue the search for Sammie Boehlke, the 8-year-old Portland boy who disappeared while hiking with his father Oct. 14, 2006, Chief Ranger Dave Brennan said.

National Park Service rangers, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, and search-and-rescue teams from Jackson, Klamath and Deschutes counties spent several days searching in early July. They combed areas that were searched last year as winter settled in on the park and followed up on clues, but found nothing, Brennan said.

Unless new evidence or additional information becomes available, teams won't actively search the areas again, he said. Whenever crews work on fire management, maintenance or other tasks around the viewpoint near Cleetwood Cove on the lake's north rim, though, they will be extra attentive to any clues that could point to what happened to Sammie.

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