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Since You Asked: Streetlights in White City

I live in White City. Earlier this year they started installing street lights in parts of the residential area of town. The only problem is they only did about half the town, and I live in one of the areas that are still without lights.

Now that it is dark so early it makes it hard to walk my dog after I get home from work because I don't feel safe. Any idea when they plan to finish what they started?

— Cami P., White City

We won't keep you in the dark any more, Cami, but we also won't be able to brighten your day with good news.

The lights that already have been installed in many areas in White City were bought with money from White City's urban renewal program. Jackson County expects to go out to bid in late January for the second phase of the project, which should be completed by October 2008.

We're not sure where you live in White City, Cami, but this project should take care of most of the residential areas slated for lighting. A third phase of the lighting won't be completed until 2009. This phase will be for Atlantic Avenue and Avenue H.

Just in case you're interested, the entire lighting project is expected to cost about $5 million. Ongoing operation of the lighting district will be paid by a levy approved by voters in 2004.

The levy collects 47 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation from White City residents, or about $93,000 annually.

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