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Since You Asked: Constance Creek was once Constant

Was anyone able to solve the mystery of the origin for the naming of Constance Creek north of Central Point? The question appeared in Since You Asked a few months back.

— Chuck and Colleen E., Medford

Back in October, we checked with the Jackson County watermaster's office, the surveyor's office, the Southern Oregon Historical Society, watershed volunteers, organizers of the annual Beagle picnic and several local historians, but didn't come up with a clear answer for a question from Eagle Point reader Frank L.

But fear not, because, just as we had hoped, a smart reader came forward with a carefully documented answer.

Constance Creek was originally known as Constant Creek, named for the family of Isaac Constant, reported Anne Billeter of Medford, an amateur genealogist with a taste for local historical research. She found that Constant, a prominent pioneer and settler in Central Point, his son William Thomas Constant, and finally three grandchildren owned the land through which the creek flows.

The 1860 census records show Thomas Constant was a farmer living in the Table Rock precinct. He died in 1868, leaving a wife and three children. In 1876 Isaac Constant and his wife, Lucinda, sold their property there to those three grandchildren.

The Constants sold the family land to S.H. Glass between 1989 and 1900. Sometime before 1904 Theodore Glass petitioned for a county road called Glass Lane, and county surveyor field notes from the time describe the proposed road in relation to Constant Creek, the same waterway known as Constance Creek today.

"I had this hypothesis and I thought I could do it," Billeter said.

She offered her thanks to County Surveyor Roger Roberts, Sue Waldron at the county watermaster's office, Kathy Enright at the Southern Oregon Historical Society, and the staff of the county clerk's office for helping her track down the solution to this mystery of history. We at Since You Asked extend our thanks to Anne as well.