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Since You Asked: Would-be juror dismissed before plea

Last Tuesday, Jan. 22, I came close to being selected as a juror for a trial of Bradley Poff. After initially being approved by both attorneys, then subsequently excused to the lobby, I and one other juror were apparently excused for some reason.

I'm curious, since you've reported on this man's criminal activity in the past, what was the outcome of that trial? I haven't seen any follow-up online.

— B. Berger, via e-mail

The case never made it to trial, so you didn't miss out on a thing, potential juror. Bradley Jay Poff, 30, pleaded guilty to charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle, possession of methamphetamine, eluding police in a vehicle, reckless driving and failing to perform the duties of a driver on Jan. 24, the day his trial was set to start.

The charges stemmed from two chases during the final week of November. On Nov. 26, a Jackson County sheriff's deputy saw Poff run a stop sign and tried to stop him, prompting a chase through neighborhoods near Cedar Links. He was charged with possession of meth, eluding police in a vehicle and on foot, reckless driving and failing to perform the duties of a driver, and second-degree criminal trespassing. The trespassing and misdemeanor eluding police on foot charges were dismissed when he pleaded guilty to the other, more serious charges, Jackson County Circuit Court records show.

On Nov. 30, he and Ted Bishop Jensen, 25, led police on a chase in a stolen car from Central Point to the south end of Medford before crashing at the intersection of Stewart Avenue and Center Drive.

Court records indicate that Poff was sentenced to 180 days in jail and 18 months probation. He also must pay restitution and undergo counseling and drug treatment, and his driver's license is suspended for one year.

Poff has been in jail since Dec. 1, so with credit for time served and for good behavior, he is set to be released from jail May 5, Jackson County Jail records show.

Jensen is set to go to trial March 19 on charges related to the stolen car and chase.

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