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Since You Asked: Sports park has ample parking

I have a question for you about the new sports park in Medford. Do you know how many parking spaces there will be on the sports park property? I noticed in a recent MT article there are plans for huge events and invitations to numerous other states and teams. Where will all of these vehicles go? There is no parking on the highway for overflow. Thanks for your response!

— T. Brown, Central Point

Excellent question. We ran it by Brian Sjothun, Medford's Parks and Recreation Department director, and he shared with us the newly compiled, hot-off-the-press parking totals for the entire U.S. Cellular Community Park. The park is being built in phases, so it's still about three years out before all the fields and their parking lots will be in place.

Harry & David Field (phase 1) has 312 spaces; the softball complex (phase 2) has 252 spaces; field sport area (phase 3) has 250 spaces; activity pavilion area (phase 4) has 64 spaces; three baseball/softball fields (phase 4) have 156 spaces; Jefferson Nature Center (completed) has 22 spaces. The spaces exceed code requirements, said Sjothun, and the grand total for the whole park is 1,056 spaces.

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