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Since You Asked: Pups, new families find bliss

Is there an update on the starving mother dog that Rick and Anna, the Butte Falls area couple, were trying to tame and bring home when they rescued her litter of puppies from the hollow log?

And has the bird dog that they rescued on the way home been reunited with its owners?

Thank you for sharing this heart-warming story in your Jan. 13 issue.

We are all hoping for another happy ending.

— Sophia C., Medford

Anna Diehl and her husband, Rick Martin, whom we at SYA Central nominate for the Decent People of the Year award, have continued providing food for the mom.

"We've been putting food out for her but we haven't been seeing her lately," Diehl said. "We're fearing for the worst for her."

You may recall in Paul Fattig's recent Off the Beaten Path column that the couple, alerted by elk hunters about the plight of the single-parent canine family, brought home all eight of the mixed-breed puppies that snowy Jan. 6 night.

But, try as they might, they couldn't get the mom to come in from the cold. "She is very afraid of people," Diehl said.

The couple received calls about the story from as far away as Yuma, Ariz. The Grange Co-op in Central Point also donated food to the pooches.

Six of the pups were adopted out, but Diehl and Martin couldn't bear to part with two of the pups.

And they also ended up adopting the adult bird dog who was never claimed by anyone. They took her to a veterinarian to check her health and determine whether she had an identification chip. Her health was good but there was no chip.

"It turns out she is a Gordon setter," Diehl said of her bird-dog breeding. "Rick is keeping her as a hunting dog. She's a real sweetheart."

They named their two pups Kola and Wasche, Sioux Indian words meaning "friend" and "chubby," respectively.

"They are quite the riot — they love to play," Diehl said.

During their recent checkup, Kola weighed in at 13.4 pounds while Wasche was 14.3 pounds. But Diehl will tell you the pooches have given far more than they could ever take.

"Those of us who adopted the puppies are the luckiest people in the world," she said. "They will be great companions for all of us for years to come."


The volume of questions received prevents us from answering all of them.