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Since You Asked: Medford's 'Waiting for ODOT'

Sometimes I will wait two to three minutes for the light to change at Garfield and Highway 99 in Medford with no traffic in sight. I will even move my vehicle forward and backward slightly to try and trigger the sensor. I was wondering if this problem might be fixed when they finally get around to completing the roadway that has gone on for almost a year. That seems to be at a standstill.

— Frank A., Phoenix

You've heard of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" ... this is "Waiting for ODOT." If you say it with a country twang instead of the correct French, it works.

The signals at Garfield and Highway 99 are in the middle of being replaced as part of the Oregon Department of Transportation's South Medford Interchange project. They used to be under the city's jurisdiction, but ODOT is taking them over. Gary Leaming, project information coordinator for ODOT, said the changeover is not complete. Some traffic signals are on loop detectors, others are on timers. He said it sounds like you were on the side where the signals are on timers.

He said the east side work on Highway 99 is done, and the west side (the railroad side) should begin in April and finish with median work. Final paving is scheduled for September.

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