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Since You Asked: Wham! Bam! He's a private man!

I see that singer George Michael has resurfaced as the musical muse to the title character in the new ABC television show "Eli Stone." That led me to wonder whatever happened to Andrew Ridgeley, Michael's bandmate in Wham!?

— Reggie D., Talent

That guy had a name? Something like the big-haired, trucker-'stached member of Hall & Oates, we always referred to him as "The Other Guy From Wham!"

The London Daily Mail newspaper profiled Mr. Ridgeley almost exactly one year ago; he's now 45 and graying with his formerly puffy coif shaved close, and quite content living a life on a quiet farm property north of London with his longtime girlfriend and small menagerie of animals. In fact, he had just only been begged and pleaded with to make several "reunion" concert appearances with former bandmate George Michael last summer — he has no desire to be famous again, seeking instead an ordinary life, apparently.

It's been a long road since he was one half of the worldwide day-glo pop sensation Wham!, and an uncharacteristically gentle fall from a "legendary lothario" parodied on the British puppet show as, according to the Daily Mail, "a pair of dancing buttocks."

Ridgeley's short-lived solo music career fell flat after Wham! went whoosh in 1986, but one effort scored big. His bandmate set him up with Keren Woodward, a singer from Bananarama, another 1980s British pop thing. Remember them? Seems Woodward's earlier blind date with now openly gay Michael went nowhere. Go figure. The couple have known each other for more than 20 years now and have lived together for 14 years.

Anyway, perhaps Ridgeley's biggest claim to fame after Wham! came after he contracted a nasty illness from surfing in sewage-infested British waters. He added weight to an effort called Surfers Against Sewage that helped clean up British beaches.

The Daily Mail story says Michael and Ridgeley remain close friends and the former frequently drops by the farm via helicopter.

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