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Since You Asked: Park and sleep it off

I've heard that you can be cited for driving under the influence of alcohol for just entering your car after drinking without even driving. Wouldn't this discourage people from sleeping it off after a night at the bar?

— Chester V., Ashland

For this question we consulted the Medford Police Department's resident DUII guru, officer Shawn Vollrath, who broke the agency's record with more than 100 DUII arrests last year.

"There is no 'attempted DUII' crime in Oregon," Vollrath said. "Your car has to be moving on premises open to the public."

These premises include roads — obviously — and parking lots, Vollrath said.

Most police officers will tell you that taking a long nap in your car after a night of Jagermeister shots and Hamm's is a good idea.

"It's better to do that than drive impaired," Vollrath said.

It's even OK to start the engine to warm up the car on those cold winter nights, but remember if a tire moves so much as an inch you could end up spending the rest of your evening on a cot in the Jackson County Jail.

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