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Since You Asked: Special election just got more special

I have some confusion with the information in the Voters' Pamphlet for the Special Election March 11 regarding Measure 15-81 in Phoenix. Under the area of costs it says the "tax rate will not exceed $3.1976 per one thousand dollars of assessed value. A home assessed at $150,000 would cost a homeowner $596.40." My math skills (and my calculator) tell me that comes to no more than $479.64. My question is which is correct? I'm not against the annexation — but I do wonder why the information in the pamphlet is misleading at best?

— Linda B., Talent

Good catch, Linda. You're absolutely right that the voter's pamphlet is wrong. "That was a clerical error," said Dan Marshall, fire chief of Fire District No. 3. A newsletter sent out to all those in the fire district and the city of Phoenix contained the erroneous amount. You're math skills are correct. The amount should be $479.64. Marshall said he's received a handful of calls from other residents about the same issue.

And by the way, voters approved the annexation.

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