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Since You Asked: First a roundabout, now Medford gets its first 'tunnel'

I have a question about the south Medford interchange project under construction. As more and more of the big beams are put in place spanning the interstate, I can see that freeway traffic will eventually be driving under something that resembles a tunnel. Are there plans to put lights beneath the overpass? Because once all the beams are in place and the roadway is in place, it's going to be dark under there.

— Carol M., Medford

Your state department of transportation has seen the light, Carol, or at least it will. We asked Gary Leaming, project information coordinator for ODOT. He said, yes, cars will drive through five-hundredths of a mile (250 feet) of tunnel-like highway, and yes, there will be lights on the sides and in the middle, lighting up the interstate.

There won't be signs reminding drivers to turn on their lights, like there are for tunnels back East, nor will there be ventilation systems because, after all, it's only 250 feet long. But drivers should be able to see the lanes, which, thankfully, appears to be rather important to most drivers.

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