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Vigilant MT reader catches speed gaffe

So what's with the dual speed limit on Highland Drive between the roundabout and Barnett Road? Heading south from the roundabout, it's 35 mph. From Barnett, heading north, it's 25 mph to the roundabout. It seems odd to have different speeds depending upon which direction you're going.

— Chuck C., e-mail submission

You have a great eye for the absurd, Chuck, and you're about to make Highland Drive a faster street — at least northbound — because of that.

We asked Medford Public Works Director Corey Crebbin about this, and it turns out you red-flagged a mistake made on soooooooo many levels.

That stretch of road was taken over by the Oregon Department of Transportation as part of the development of the new South Medford freeway interchange, Crebbin said. The plans told the contractor to put a 25 mph sign for southbound traffic, and a 35 mph sign for northbound traffic, Crebbin says.

The speed limit both ways, however, is 35 mph, Crebbin says.

Crebbin says he plans to notify ODOT managers of the gaffe, and he tips his hard hat to you, Chuck, for your "what-the-hell's-wrong-here?" attitude.

"Good catch by your reader," Crebbin says.

Incidentally, Crebbin says, the speed limit on that stretch of Highland was 45 mph until 1987, when the state Speed Control Board set it at its current 35 mph limit.

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