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Since You Asked: Mailboxes are just a short drive away

Driving Barnett Road from Riverside Avenue to North Phoenix Road, I have not been finding a single post office drop-off.

We had a couple that were located in the driveway at the Medical Arts building on Murphy Road, but they have been removed. Outside of driving to the post office, what am I to do?

— Paul I., Medford

Well, Paul, you're obviously just not sending enough mail. The U.S. Postal Service is always reviewing the usage of its boxes. If a particular box gets fewer than 25 items a day on average over 14 days, it is removed. So if you and 24 of your closest friends got together ...

Postal officials did tell us there are two postal boxes on Murphy Road, at 691 and 777 Murphy.

To help you out even more, Paul — just because that's the kind of guys and gals we are — we got the list of all the postal boxes in Medford, which we are happy to share with you:

555 Black Oak Dr., 881 O'Hare Parkway, 1025 Crater Lake Ave., 843 E. Main St., 640 Stevens St., 519 Medford Center Dr., 730 Biddle Road, 1000 Biddle Road, 2230 Biddle Road, 2424 Crater Lake Highway, 7561 Crater Lake Highway, 691 Murphy Road, 777 Murphy Road, 760 Golf View Drive, 3709 Citation Way, 815 Alder Creek Dr., 1201 Progress Dr., 251 E. Barnett St., 835 S. Riverside Ave., 1257 N. Riverside Ave., 1600 N. Riverside Ave., 33 N. Central Ave., 399 W. Main St., 1301 Center Dr., 816 W. 8th St., 2305 W. Jacksonville Highway, 625 E. Pine St., 333 W. 8th St., 100 N. Holly St., 140 S. Holly St. and 4000 Highway 234.

So, Paul, tell your friends to keep those cards and letters coming. The postal box you save may be the one nearest you.