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Jaywalking isn't a crime in Oregon. But neither is common sense

A friend of mine says it's legal to jaywalk in Oregon. Is that true? Can I really cross the street anywhere I want without getting a ticket?

— Paul M., Medford

Before you put your shoes on and start playing Frogger, Paul, we'll fill you in on the rules of the road.

Yes, jaywalking is generally allowed in Oregon. However, if you see a sign that specifically indicates you shouldn't cross the street, obey it. For example, at a traffic light that is red or when confronted with a "Don't Walk" sign, you can't legally stroll across the crosswalk even if there's no traffic for miles around.

According to Medford Police Chief Randy Schoen, vehicles have to yield to any pedestrian in a crosswalk that doesn't have a signal. However, if a pedestrian wants to cross in the middle of the street, the pedestrian would have to yield to the vehicles. Schoen said that pedestrians should choose to use crosswalks when they are available.

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