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Celebs like the valley

Your article a while back about the Steve Miller Band's recording studio got me thinking. Could you tell us other celebrities who have lived in the valley, past and present, such as Ginger Rogers and Patrick Duffy?

— Don H.

Well, Don, one of the biggest celebrities we have in the valley right now is Kim Novak, star of the 1958 Hitchcock classic, "Vertigo." She lives along the Rogue River.

Another actor who developed something of a cult following for his work in the campy horror movie "The Evil Dead" is Bruce Campbell. He has a Jacksonville-based film company and has done other movies, such as "Bubba Ho-Tep" and "My Name is Bruce."

Jack Elam, also known as "wild-eyed Jack," was an actor who starred in many westerns and died in 2003.

Clark Gable owned property on the river but didn't live on it. Kirstie Alley and Parker Stevenson had a place in the Applegate Valley. Country great Rose Maddox lived near Ashland. Kevin Hagen — Doc Baker on "Little House on the Prairie" — lived in Josephine County. Steve (Hercules) Reeves lived out in the Applegate area. Other actors who have lived locally include Annette O'Toole, William Hurt, Fred Weintraub and, of course, Ginger Rogers, who had a ranch and dairy south of Shady Cove until she sold it in 1990 and moved to Medford. She died in 1995. Patrick Duffy still lives outside Shady Cove and recently read a Dr. Seuss book to children at the Shady Cove library.

Director James Ivory had a place near Lake of the Woods. Other actors, screenwriters and directors have lived here over the years, but you get the idea, Don — this has been a fairly popular retreat for celebrities.

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