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DUII patrol nets four arrests

We're always hearing about the dangers of drunk driving, particularly around the holidays. Does anyone keep track of the statistics locally? I'd be curious to see what the numbers are for the July Fourth holiday weekend.

— Kelly P. Ashland

We don't yet have all the stats, Kelly. But we do know that local agencies were out in force this weekend cracking down on drunk — or even "buzzed" — drivers. Friday night in Medford appeared to be a busy one for police officers who teamed up to keep the streets just a little bit safer for you, and for those of us here at Since You Asked Central.

The Medford Police Department teamed up with the Oregon State Police, the Jackson County Sheriff's Department and the Ashland Police Department to conduct a high-visibility DUII saturation patrol over the holiday weekend. Officers focused their patrol efforts Friday night in the city of Medford. This operation resulted in the following;

  • 4 arrests for driving under the influence of intoxicants;
  • 3 drug-recognition evaluations conducted;
  • 1 arrest for reckless driving;
  • 3 citations for driving while suspended;
  • 1 citation for operating without driving privileges;
  • 8 vehicles impounded;
  • 17 citations for miscellaneous traffic violations.

In a press release titled "Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving," the participating agencies stressed they not only want to remove impaired drivers from the road, but want people to think twice before drinking and driving.

"We hope this type of high -isibility enforcement will serve as a deterrent to those who would consider drinking and driving. Our goal is to make the roadways safer for everyone," said Chief Randy Schoen.

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