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Some local 'school zone' signs outdated

When you come to a school zone that is posted "at all times" is that meant to mean even when school is not in session such as summer vacation? Also, what about "when children are present"? Does that also mean when school is not in session or are both of these signs applicable no matter the time of day and whether school is in session? Thanks.

— Anonymous

The Oregon Legislature in 2005 tried to remove some of the confusion associated with school zones, but it's still a popular question at Since You Asked, perhaps in part because some of the old signs still are in use.

Updated signs should say "20 mph when flashing" or "between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m."

At crosswalks near school zones, the signs say "when children are present" or "when flashing."

"At all times" is an outdated sign, according to Master Police Officer Don Lane. He doesn't know of any such signs in the city of Medford, and you didn't mention where you saw the sign.

When in doubt, Lane suggests that you obey the sign. Generally, there is a reason for the sign. Perhaps there is summer school at the campus. A city or county might have left the "at all times" sign there on purpose because of a frequently used playground.

"Basically, you are safe if you obey what it says on the sign," Lane said.

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