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Since You Asked

I noticed a little chart in Sunday's paper that listed seven consecutive days with high temperatures of 100 degrees or hotter, and that got me to wondering whether that was some kind of record. If not, what's the record for consecutive 100-degree days here in steamy Southern Oregon?

— Ann K., Grants Pass

That heat wave last week set several record temperatures for single days, Ann, but seven-straight days of triple-digit heat isn't anywhere near the record for this part of the world, says Marc Spilde, a meteoro-logist at the National Weather Service office in Medford.

Spilde says the record for hot days goes back to the 1960s, when there were two 10-day spells of 100-degree heat. The first ran from July 21 to July 30, 1962. The second was Aug. 10 through Aug. 19, 1967.

There also have been three other summers when there were more than seven days of consecutive 100-degree heat: 1972 (eight days), 1973 (eight days) and 1990 (nine days).

The weather service's computers allow meteorologists to do some interesting searches. Tuesday, for example, marked the 22nd-consecutive day with a high temperature of at least 93 degrees, which ties the record for that particular benchmark.

So, if you're feeling miserable in the heat, try to remember it could be worse. We're on the downhill side of summer from here out, and forecasters are expecting a break in the heat by Thursday.

It's only 56 days until October.