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Since You Asked

My 17-year-old son seems pretty convinced he could jump off the bridge over Lost Creek Lake and survive. I am fairly convinced he would not. How high is the bridge and what do you know about people who have attempted the jump?

— L.R., Medford

We normally don't give out parenting tips here at Since You Asked headquarters, L.R., but in this case we'll make an exception.

We strongly, strongly advise you to try and talk your son out of jumping off Peyton Bridge if he is planning to do so. Peyton Bridge hovers as high as 200 feet above the cold waters of Lost Creek Lake in late-summer, low-water periods.

That's a long way down, and the jump has cost two people their lives in separate incidents in 1999 and 2001.

Brian "Petey" Nisbet, a 31-year-old Medford drywaller, was killed after jumping off Peyton Bridge in September 2001. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office Marine Unit finally recovered his body in 2006.

Two years earlier, Theodore Calouri, of Williams, died making the jump. His body still resides in the lake, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters said.

"First of all, it's illegal to jump off any bridge in Jackson County," Winters said. "Second, the odds of you surviving the jump off Peyton Bridge are small."

If your attempts to talk your son out of taking the plunge are not registering with him, perhaps these unfortunate stories will dissuade him.

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