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Central Point was wagon roads hub

How did Central Point get its name? A friend who lives there told me that the name comes from the fact it was supposed to be the center of everything in the Rogue Valley. What's the skinny on that one?

— Mary A., Medford

The center of everything may be a bit strong, but your friend is on the right track, Mary.

Central Point was so named because two pioneer wagon roads crossed at where the town now sits, according to "Oregon Geographic Names" by Lewis A. McArthur and Lewis L. McArthur, our geographic bible here at SYA.

One of the roads ran north and south, linking the region with Northern Oregon and Northern California; the other led to Jacksonville, the largest settlement in the region back in the day, the book reports.

Isaac Constant, a pioneer from 1852 living near the crossroads, is the fellow who came up with the name.

When a post office was established there in spring 1872, it became officially known as Central Point. The town was incorporated in 1889, making it a bona fide city.

The railroad passed through Central Point when the Siskiyou Line was completed in the late 1800s, as did Interstate 5 in the early 1960s.

Now Central Point is on the Internet crossroads with its own Web site at www.centralpointoregon.gov.

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