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Since You Asked: Lanowners responsible for Garfield maintenance ... for now

A sign on Garfield Street, about one-third of the way from Peach Street to Columbus Avenue, says the city does not maintain the street.

Who does maintain that section of the street, and how will that play out when the new high school opens?

— Anonymous

The segment of Garfield you are referring to is called a local access road. Maintenance essentially is the responsibility of the adjacent properties.

You are probably wondering why. Well, Garfield used to be a Jackson County road. The county's approach was that if a property owner wanted to develop in the area, they had to build and maintain their own road.

When the road was annexed to the city in 1984, that rule continued, said City Engineer Larry Beskow. Garfield from Peach to Columbus is technically in the city of Medford, and the new South Medford High School slated to open in 2010 at Columbus and Cunningham avenues will bring substantially more traffic.

Cognizant of that, the city is trying to find grant funds to improve the road to city standards with curbs, gutters and sidewalks, but no money has yet been earmarked to that end, Beskow said. If the city were to improve the road, it would then become the city's responsibility to maintain it, he said.