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Since You Asked: Medford TV station scrambling to make digital transition

Before all the television stations went digital, I was able to get KTVL (Channel 10). Now, I get KOBI, KDRV and lots of junk I am not interested in, but no KTVL. Why?

— Lorraine S., Medford

You're not alone in your frustration over the digital conversion, Lorraine. Reports on the glitches associated with conversion have been on national as well as local media.

While we aren't usually keen on helping out our competitors, i.e. KTVL, we will happily answer your question the best we can. The short of it is we don't know why you aren't getting KTVL, but there are a few possibilities.

The greatest likelihood is that you live in some nook in the valley where the TV station's digital translators don't yet reach. TV stations are scrambling to adjust to digital and are still learning who does and who doesn't receive their stations.

"We have been installing more digital translators because depending on where you live you may or may not be getting our station," said KTVL General Manager Kingsley Kelley.

"Depending on your antenna, the type of converter box you use and even possibly the weather you might get one group of stations at one time and at another time you may get another set of channels," Kelley said.

The best way to solve your problem would be to contact KTVL at 773-7373 or ktvl@ktvl.com and your cable company.

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