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Men and women of Valor Elite

I loved the story about Zheng Hongfeng, the former head instructor and bodyguard to the abbot at China's Shaolin Temple. I would really like to find out more about his teaching but cannot find any information about Medford's Valor Fighting Studio online or in the phone book. Could you give me some contact information?

— Michael C.

Joey Trujillo, the owner of what now is called Valor Elite Training Center, didn't plan on opening a martial arts studio as a business when he moved all his equipment nearly two years ago to Medford from Los Angeles, where he previously had a studio for several years.

But demand for training in martial arts and fighting instruction has been high enough that he now has seven instructors and 50 students working out of a 10,000-square-foot studio on property between Medford and Jacksonville. Kung fu master Hongfeng teaches at both Valor and Medford's St. Mary's School.

Instructors teach kung fu, tai chi, yoga, boxing, weight training and jujitsu at the studio, as well as a women's self-defense class. The studio's phone number is 541-261-4864.

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