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Since You Asked: Police will be on patrol on Medford streets for Halloween

While looking for activities on Halloween in downtown Medford I contacted Howie's on Front Street to find out if they had anything planned. I was told that they had petitioned for an event in the alley behind the establishment but were turned down by the Medford Police Department.

I also heard that our police force will not be in Medford that night and therefore will not allow any outdoor activities as they will instead be in Ashland on Halloween, at the city of Medford's expense. Am I erroneous in my assumption that this is not fair?

— Craig M., Medford

You are very much correct, Craig, that Medford will send a few officers to Ashland to monitor the Rogue Valley's biggest Halloween hotspot.

But that doesn't mean they will abandon Medford to the felonious ghosts and goblins, said Medford police Deputy Chief Tim George.

"We will have extra shifts on the road in Medford throughout the night," George said. "Halloween has traditionally been a busy night for us, but not as busy as Ashland."

The department sees its commitment to Ashland's Halloween patrols as a trade-off for help from Ashland officers during large events staged in Medford throughout the year.

"Ashland police are always there to help us during the Pear Blossom Festival and the Medford Cruise," George said. "We have a good working relationship with them."

As for the Howie's denial, it is true they were not given permission for an outdoor event in the alley on Halloween night, but not because of a police shortage, George said.

"Because we have so much foot traffic in downtown on Halloween night we will need to use the alley behind Howie's to navigate through the area," George said. "Sometimes it's faster to cut through the alley than to drive around the block."

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