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New data emerges about the Marvel Man

We were wondering if you ever heard anything more on Don Haynes, aka "the Marvel Man," the guy who made the bet he could visit all 50 states while living in his car and never once getting out back in the 1950s. You had a story a while back that said he lost the bet but later popped up in other places years later doing the same thing.

Do you know the rest of the story?

— Ann L., Medford

Funny you should ask, Ann.

An informant in Florida, one of a wide web of Since You Asked confidential sources, stumbled online on one of our stories about Haynes, who seems to have lived briefly in Grants Pass after World War II. The source says a yellow and white 1958 Mercury later used by Haynes in his long-running stunt is sitting in an open field in Fort Myers.

Our man says the car is in "very rough shape" and still has a stack of Haynes' promotional post cards on the dash. He didn't have a camera with him when he saw the car.

That's all we know for now, Ann. Stay tuned.

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