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Since You Asked: Hot N Now just a savory memory

Back in the mid- to late-'80s there was a drive-through restaurant where the Schlotzky's was on Biddle Road. I was sure it was called the In-N-Out Burger.

I was told last week that In-N-Out never operated in Oregon. If that's the case, then was the drive-through I remember just a figment of my imagination?

The people I discussed this with and were around here in the '80s remember it very vaguely. I don't think it was here for a year. It was "in and out" in a matter of months. Can you help?

— Kimberly E., Eagle Point

We're debating whether your recollection of an In-N-Out burger at the former Schlotzky's location was a mix-up with another burger joint called Hot 'N Now or simply a mirage caused by your craving for one of those famous burgers.

People who have eaten an In-N-Out burger get positively lyrical over its charms, and if Paris Hilton was willing to risk a speeding ticket to get one (as she allegedly did in 2006 in Los Angeles) those burgers must be good.

Inquiring minds who want to find out for themselves will have to go to Redding, the northernmost outpost of the In-N-Out empire.

As for Hot 'N Now, the chain restaurant had a brief presence here in the '90s at the former Schlotzky's location at 600 Biddle Road in Medford, now occupied by a branch of South Valley Bank & Trust.

Schlotzky's run on the national stage didn't last long. The chain briefly boasted 150 locations, but went bankrupt in January 2004.

Nonetheless, there are still find a few devotees. There is a Flickr group dedicated to the chain's demise, and a YouTube video called "Hunt for the Hot 'N Now."

For a list of In-N-Out burger locations for your next road trip, visit the Web site at: www.in-n-out.com/ and click on "locations"

Bon appetit!