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Construction at Medford airport is winding down

My husband and I have noticed some recent construction activity at the Medford airport. Is this activity going to result in a new building of some sort or just some upgrading to the runway area?

— Vicki M., Central Point

Airport Director Bern Case, who keeps track of all sorts of activity at the airport, says that what you saw was probably work to expand the freight ramp.

In the past month, that project had a lot of large equipment hard at work just south of the Fed Ex building. Weather has halted construction on that project for the season, but work will resume on the improved parking area for cargo planes in the spring.

Last month, construction on the north ramp and breezeway to the new terminal also wrapped up. Airport officials and contractors are doing final inspections now and expect to have all the details in order within 60 days, closing out the new terminal project, he said.

Case also advises all airport fans to stop by the recently completed observation park, where an F-16 jet formerly flown by the Oregon Air National Guard based at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls is mounted on a pedestal.

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