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Since You Asked: Empties can be donated tocharities for refunds

I have a friend that consumes a large amount of adult beverages and has a large collection of deposit cans and bottles. Is there a charity organization in the valley that will take those items?

He does not want to hassle with them and is willing to transport to any location.

— D.T., by e-mail

We know a few guys who would be glad to take them off your hands, but it's likely they would just turn them into more purchases of "adult beverages," as you soooo politiely described the contents of your friend's beer cans and bottles.

There are, however, several local agencies that would happily recycle those containers and put the resulting funds toward a more socially redeeming purpose.

According to Debi Jensen of United Way, many organizations accept the empty containers and take care of the recycling themselves.

Although grocery stores have a limit on the number of cans and bottle they take per day, the organizations are happy to take them.

"Most of the organizations will pick up donations of three or four bags of cans and bottles," Jensen said. "If it's a massive quantity, they would need a large truck or van."

Here are some possibilities Jensen suggested: Disability Advocacy for Social and Independent Living, 608-6746; Addictions Recovery Center, 618-6329; and On-Track, 779-5093.

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