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Since You Asked: Oregon City or Astoria? Trash hangs in the balance

What is the oldest settlement in Oregon? My wife thinks it is Astoria but it seems to me Oregon City was the first incorporated town in Oregon.

Who is correct? Dig deep because the loser has to take out the garbage.

— J.R., Medford

In an effort to protect your domestic tranquility, the Marital Bliss Commission at SYA has come to the conclusion that you are both right.

Sort of.

Founded in 1811 by Hudson's Bay Company trappers, Astoria is the oldest settlement of European Americans in Oregon. However, it wasn't incorporated until 1856.

Oregon City, founded in 1842, was incorporated in 1844, making it the first incorporated city in the Oregon Territory.

Down in our neck of the Oregon woods, Jacksonville was incorporated in 1860, making it the oldest community in the region with a functioning city government.

We have to add a caveat when it comes to your answer (we don't think it will cause a garbage fight in your home, but it does make Astoria and Oregon City look like Johnny-come-latelys).

The oldest settlement in what is now Oregon is most likely Celilo, an Indian village on the Columbia River near The Dalles. Archaeologists believe the village site was occupied for some 11,000 years before a dam was built at the site in 1957.

You grab one side of the can and your wife can grab the other side, J.R.