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Wild chase nets driver 10 years

I was wondering whether the man who led police on the chase in White City that injured two deputies and smashed their patrol cars was sentenced for his crimes? I know he recently was convicted but never heard how long he will spend in jail. I'm sure it will be quite a long time.

— Joan D., Central Point

Right you are, Joan. Nathan Lynn Ramey, 44, will spend a good long while in prison for that little bit of chaos he unleashed in White City in May.

Ramey was convicted on charges of attempted first-degree assault, second-degree assault, first-degree criminal mischief, eluding police, possession of methadone and driving under the influence of intoxicants after he rammed two patrol cars with his pickup on Highway 62 on May 7.

In all, he will spend 122 months, more than 10 years, in prison.

In addition, he was ordered to pay about $5,400 in restitution for damaging one patrol car and medical costs to one injured deputy, said Jackson County Chief Deputy District Attorney Beth Heckert.

The wild night in White City began when Deputy Ryan Groom stopped Ramey's pickup on Highway 62. Groom said Ramey was driving erratically when he pulled him over.

Ramey then sped off, with Groom in pursuit. The chase led to Gramercy Drive, where Ramey backed his truck into Groom's patrol car.

Finally, Ramey drove into the parking lot behind the White City Abby's Pizza, during which time Groom attempted a "PIT" maneuver on the out-of-control truck.

The PIT maneuver, an acronym for pursuit immobilization technique, involves the officer using his vehicle to nudge the rear of a fleeing car, causing it to spin out and leave the road.

The maneuver worked, but unfortunately left Ramey's pickup facing a patrol car driven by Deputy Heath Kocina.

Ramey hit the gas and plowed head-on into Kocina's car. Kocina estimated the truck rammed him at 30 mph.

But Ramey won't be driving again anytime soon, Heckert said.

"He also permanently lost his driver's license because of the DUII charge," Heckert said.

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