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Readers bare their all about nudist camp memories

In our Saturday Since You Asked, a reader described how he had visited a nudist camp near Rogue River while accompanying his grandfather, who was an electric-meter reader. He wondered if the intrepid, albeit mostly clothed, staff at Since You Asked International Headquarters could tell him exactly where that camp was located, as he had forgotten.

We came up with some details: The nudist camp was near Wimer on a 50-acre site, operated by the Siskiyou Fraternity Nudist Club. The club had about 110 members as late as 1976 and was affiliated with the American Sunbathing Association. It was started in 1934 by Ashland resident Jim Bentley, a railroad engineer. But, alas, we did not know the exact location. However, as usual, our loyal readers have ridden in (or, more precisely, written in) to the rescue. Here are a couple of responses:

The nudist camp in question in the Aug. 7 Mail Tribune was located up Sykes Creek Road, a couple miles northeast of Wimer, off East Evans Creek Road. Since I was never there, I don't know just how far up Sykes Creek it was located. I worked for Jackson County Road Department at the time, and we maintained all the roads in that area. It was common knowledge at the time that the camp was up there, the basis for a lot of tittering among the employees!

— Guy P.

And even more details from our next reader:

(I) read your article on the Wimer nudist camp. I grew up in Wimer from 1976-2004; it was always common local knowledge that the camp was the last place on the left before Sykes Creek (Road) turned into a gravel BLM road at the top. There has always been a tall, wooden fence there. Old-time log-truck drivers would tell me that they used to check their binders on the load right there so they could maybe catch a peek over the fence.

— Tyson

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