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Since You Asked: Newscaster left KTVL to join wife in Arizona

KTVL newscaster John Overall seemed to vanish overnight from the news team. The KTVL website doesn't provide any information and his photo has been eliminated.

I didn't see anything on the newscast about his departure. Can the Since You Asked Missing Persons Bureau come up with "the rest of the story?"

— Gerald L., Grants Pass

By tracking John Overall on Twitter and making a quick call to his agent, the Since You Asked Missing Persons Bureau found that he moved to Phoenix in late June to be with his family.

He wrote on Twitter that his final appearance at KTVL was the 11 p.m. news on Friday, June 25, noting that it might be his last broadcast. He explained that he was headed to Arizona and looking forward to quality time with his wife and kids, who had headed south into the desert around Christmas.

Roger Bell, a longtime television newsman who now runs Bell Talent Inc. in Redondo Beach, Calif., represents Overall. He said that Overall's wife took a job in Phoenix, and she and the couple's two children had been living there.

Overall has joined them and is making family his top priority while he explores new job opportunities in news or other fields there, Bell said.

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