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It's not an illusion, park toy is in Scotland

The Eiffel Tower type structure at Lithia Park playground has vanished. I know this is not a David Copperfield trick of some kind. Wassup?

— Tom, Medford

Well, Tom, obviously you just didn't look hard enough, or far enough. The playground structure you're referring to, called the Webclimber, has been relocated to Scotland.

But, fear not, it's only a temporary emigration in order to make repairs on the popular climbing tower.

Workers with the city of Ashland and Ashland Parks and Recreation Department dismantled the structure in August, said Parks Superintendent Steve Gies.

Erected 31/2; years ago, the $14,000 Webclimber has suffered an unusual amount of wear and tear, he said. That's a good thing with park equipment, because it means it's being well used.

That usage is not limited to the wee lads and lasses (catch the Scottish lilt there, Tom?). While younger kids tend to navigate around the lower cables, older kids and adults often climbed to the tower's top 19 feet above the wood chip-covered ground.

Missouri-based Miracle Recreation Equipment Co., which sold the tower to the city, will pay for repairs. However, the Parks Department has to pay the shipping costs to get the Webclimber to a factory in Scotland.

Gies estimated the structure would be gone for one to two months.

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