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Since You Asked: Travel trailers can stay on streeks for 24 hours

Is it a code violation to leave a travel trailer parked overnight on a Medford city street? If so, what is the rational for it?

— Mike S., Medford

It's a violation to park your travel trailer on the street for more than 24 hours at a stretch, according to city officials.

This issue has come before the City Council. Some homeowners complained they needed more than 24 hours to load up a travel trailer or to unload it, particularly during summer months as they prepare for vacations.

So far, the city has concluded that 24 hours is a reasonable amount of time to park your trailer. The city generally warns people when they have been parked too long before they receive a citation.

A motor vehicle, however, can be parked on the street for five consecutive days.

Generally, the city won't respond to a trailer parked overtime on the street unless a neighbor complains. So we suggest that if you need more than 24 hours, explain your situation to your neighbors, and promise you'll move it pronto when you're done loading or unloading.

On the other hand, if you see someone egregiously violating the rule, you can report it to a Medford code enforcement officer at 541-774-2092.

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