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Brownsboro was near today's White City

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the news clips from 100 years ago that appeared in the Trib. On Dec. 28, you ran a clip about Mr. Terrill, who passed away in Talent on Dec. 25, 1910. The clip says that Mr. Terrill moved to Jackson County in 1868 and settled in Brownsboro before moving to Talent. Where was Brownsboro in our fair county?

— V. Simone S., Medford

Dear V. Simone, what a keen and curious mind you have. Since many of us here at the Since You Asked Mapping Station are directionally challenged in any and all directions, we double-checked our internal GPS with Google Earth, which proceeded to plot a course for Brownsboro. And, voilá, Google Earth agreed with us! (As if there would be any doubt.)

The little borough in question is nestled at the asphalt confluence of Highway 140 and Brownsboro Highway, about 10 miles northeast of White City. It is indeed in Jackson County, and exists at an elevation of 1,437 feet. Since a runaway truck took out the Brownsboro Tavern years ago, there's now little evidence of the community to drivers whizzing past on Highway 140.

Among the many souls buried in the nearby Brownsboro Cemetery are those of Mr. Delbert Terrill and his wife, Martha Mary Terrill, who outlived Delbert by more than a quarter of a century, dying on Aug. 30, 1938. The cemetery is located off South Obenchain Road, about a half-mile east of the Brownsboro Highway.

The oldest resident of the cemetery appears to be Margaret Culver, who was born Aug. 21, 1821 in Crawford, Penn., and died Jan. 15, 1917, in Brownsboro, in the midst of World War I.

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