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Since You Asked: Law helps foster children get licenses

A while back you wrote an article about a foster boy who was trying to get his driver's license. Do you know the status of the Senate bill mentioned and what the specific outcome was?

— Susan, via e-mail

It is no longer as difficult for foster children to obtain a driver's license thanks to Oregon Senate Bill 125, mentioned in a May 29, 2009, article, which passed in 2009.

The law made it easier for foster children to obtain their license by providing state reimbursement to driver-education programs that train foster children and children in the legal custody of the Oregon Department of Human Services. Rep. Peter Buckley, D-Ashland, was instrumental in passing the bill.

It's unclear whether Zachary Miller, the Ashland High School pupil featured in the article, used the law. We were unable to reach him earlier this week.

Miller passed the driver's test in January 2009 but was ultimately denied a license because the state withheld a copy of his birth certificate when his caseworker learned he was taking the driving test.

He said at the time that his foster parents were not opposed to him obtaining his license, and that it was state bureaucracy that had put his aspirations to drive in a traffic jam.

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