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Biddle Road yield sign causes some to stop

After the intersection of Table Rock Road and Biddle Road was reworked, the right lane turning onto Table Rock (as you are heading west) does not appear to have a traffic light. Yet, I saw someone stopping when the adjacent lanes had red lights. What is proper procedure for that lane?

— Jon S., Medford.

Hey, Jon, we've all seen a motorist two or three cars in front of us idling time away for no particular reason. Perhaps they'll take note and help keep traffic flowing.

According to John Vial, Jackson County roads and park manager, the right turn lane for Biddle Road onto northbound Table Rock is controlled by a yield sign.

"You do not have to come to a full stop when you are making the right turn onto Table Rock," Vial said.

Still, drivers have to yield to pedestrians or vehicles that might be occupying that lane.

"If a truck is making the turn from East Pine, it may swing into the lane," Vial said. "Obviously, you don't want to crash into them."

As an aside, Vial said, the intersection has performed very well since it was completed about four years ago.

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